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Innumerable entrepreneurs in India have fascinating success stories they'd like to share with the world. We act as the mouthpiece for them
 Faasos sells desi wraps in a Western ambiance

For opportunities galore, India is the right destination. How else would anyone explain the presence of over 800 startup companies in Bangalore alone? The mantra is very clear – If you have an idea and think you can make it work, then this is the place. There are many you’ll find here who’ve turned down amazing jobs to pursue their dreams. This shift in thought is perfectly reflecting the truly rejuvenated and liberated spirit of entrepreneurship in India that is most likely to mushroom even further in the coming years.

We tell you the tales of some innovative startups that have emerged as hot businesses today

1.    nextLeap Solutions Pvt. Ltd: A recommendation engine, nextLeap acts as a online career counselor that helps students make wiser career decisions. Their recommendations can assist students in improving their chances of admissions into colleges and pick the best steam of study. Founder Suruchi Wagh believes that there are millions of students eager to receive practical advice they give. The startup is making money on a freemium model, where basic recommendations are free and advanced suggestions are paid. nextLeap currently has revenues of its own and is picking up.

2.    The Loot: A multi-branded discount store, Jay Gupta was brave enough to venture into the changeable retail market. What makes it so attractive is the fact that it offers customers an array of products at discounted (25-70%) rates all throughout the year. What’s best is that all garments sold are not fake but originals – customers get immense value and keep coming back.

3.    EFarm Direct: Based in Chennai, EFarm is a pretty innovative startup. With its presence online & offline, the EFarm works with farmers to help them market their produce to B2B buyers. To manage the entire supply chain process, the startup has built a sophisticated yet simple to use technology that can speed up the process. The fact remains that while many industries are making full use of technological advancements, agriculture still lags behind. While they are typing to bring in fresh techniques for farmers, EFarm is already successful in making revenues.

4.    Chrome Data Analytics & Media: This is the first company in India to track distribution connectivity. Basically, it helps broadcasters track distribution of their channels which enables them to get high returns and better advertising revenues. Founder Pankaj Krishna believes in continually upgrading offerings and has been able to maintain its momentum and its list of impressive partners.

5.    Cinnamon Teal: India’s first self-publishing service; Cinnamon Teal provides authors and institutions to publish books in their desired numbers unlike other publishing houses. What started as an online bookstore for used books has evolved into a platform for writers and small-time publishers to list their books for sale.

6.    GoSports India:Simply put, this startupgrooms talent for sports. They offer training, monitoring and representative services for gifted athletes. It aims at helping people build practical careers in sports and in the process also promotes India on the international landscape.  “Our aim is to manage the entire lifecycle of an athlete”, states Nandan Kamath, co-founder of GoSports.

7.    Inkfruit: Started by IIT grads --Kashyap DalalandNavneet Rai, Inkfruit started with an initial investment of Rs. 25 lakh but now boasts of a turnover of over Rs. 5 crore. They’ve done this by making T-shirts in smart designs, noticeable colours and punch lines. Inkfruit has already made it place at Planet M & Lifestyle stores across India.

8.    Faaso’s: Is a fast-food Pune based outlet that specializes in selling desi wraps in a Western ambiance. The service is very MacDonald’s-like while the fare remains true to India. Started by trio Jaydeep Barman, Siddharth Joshi and Biswanath Chakraborty, the business enjoyed success in Pune and has been established in Mumbai as well. With an initial investment of Rs. 8 lakh, Faaso’s, which by the way means Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental S**t, has come a long way.

9.    Indian Shutter: The aim of this brilliant startup was to change the way people view India. Indian Shutter is your one-stop destination of stock photography for everything associated with the country. The startup is trying hard to build a quality database of India-centric high-resolution images with its team of photographers & believes it is a beneficial source for web designers, publishers, media houses, etc.

10.  Vaya Technologies: CCTV solutions, automation solutions, firefighting, bio-metrics attendance and many other security related services are offered by Vaya Technologies. The tagline of the startup reads as “preventing theft in the city” 

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