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‘Sari Cancer’ is on the rise

Ever heard of sari cancer?

Doctors at Grant Medical College have stated in Indian Medical Association journal that something called sari cancer' is on the rise
V-day travel

Care to fly abroad this Valentine's Day?

Tour providers are wooing couples by offering attractive travel deals this Valentine's Day
Twitter Bollywood.jpg

Bollywood takes to Twitter on Republic Day

Several Bollywood celebrities tweeted on Republic Day for a better India
Kelme shoes

Kelme enters India

Spanish sports label Kelme steps in India

Shahrukh's making a new movie

Actor Shahrukh Khan is already at work & considering making another flick based on the Mahabharata
Oprah with the Bachchans

Oprah Winfrey thanks 'Bollywooders' for a great party

The entire Bollywood clan met American television legend Oprah Winfrey at a private party hosted by Parmeshwar Godrej
Burger and fries

No more junk food to kids

The Delhi court has ordered the FSSAI to frame guidelines demanding ban on sale of junk food near schools
Nehru jacket

'Nehru Jacket' listed in global political fashion

'Nehru Jacket' has secured its place among top global political fashion legends, according to Time magazine
Salman Rushdie

Rushdie coming to India; government not stopping him

Controversial author Salman Rushdie will be in India this month-end using his PIO card; Indian government to let him visit
Skincare is for men too

Skin care for men? Yes, very much!

So you though dirty, sweaty and grimy are hot? Well, they're so not! Skincare for men is as important for men as it is to women
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