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Capoeira is 'Dance of War'

Art in Motion

Rezza Massah's 'Cordão de Ouro India' is doing splendidly in promoting Brazil's national sport in Mumbai & across India
Reality shows and Bollywood stars

Reality TV Shows can't do without Bollywood

There's not one reality show on TV devoid of a Bollywood star and if there is, it's probably not that big enough
Tata Nano gets its first major revamp

Tata revamps the Nano

Tata Nano gets a facelift; company keeps cost intact
India Resort Fashion Week

INK Infrastructure presents the India Resort Fashion Week

Indian Resort Fashion week begins Dec 7 - powered by Provogue and YUVA
Students of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mumbai

NIFT & Lectra sign First Education Privilege Partnership

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) & Lectra sign the first Education Privilege Partnership in India
Diabetes in India is a large public health concern

Diabetes may lead to Kidney Failure

On World Diabetes Day nephrologists in the capital are reiterating the fact on how diabetes may lead to kidney failure
High Heels - never out of fashion!

Head over 'Heels'

The 'heel'ing touch gets even better as we trace the history and evolution of this adorable fashion statement
Shahrukh in Ra.One

More shorter movies from Bollywood

Riding on the success of 3D movies, Bollywood is preparing to churn out shorter action flicks making use of new formats
The Defenders

'The Defenders' launched in India

BIG CBS PRIME brings new legal drama series 'The Defenders' to India
Sushil Kumar KBC winner

KBC's first 5 crore winner from Bihar

Sushil Kumar from Bihar hit the Rs. 5 crore jackpot on KBC and is now set to prepare for the civil services
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