Shahrukh refuses to talk about Shirish incident

"No comments" says King Khan on the Shirish brawl
 Shahrukh Khan

After the unleashing of media reports on the SRK-Shirish incident and jokes that went viral on social media channels, the press is hungry for more tit-bits on the subject. So, at a recent book release in Kolkata, Bollywood’s King Khan was questioned on the Shirish incident. He however said: "I did not talk about the altercation; I do not wish to talk about the makeup. My whole logic is things happen and they happen to be personal and that's how I like to keep it, god bless you for asking,"

"I may be one of the most publicly available persons in the world but I am not privately available to anyone except for the people that I live with and my family so I've never made a remark, wherever any issues come, you'd never hear me talk any of the incidence of my life, mentioning it to anyone, talking about it, tweeting about it, facebooking about it. I like to keep silence because let me be very, very honest as I mentioned. It does seem to me like a Shakespearean farce when you claim everyone in the country wants to hear it, I think you just want to write about it and talk about it. There are issues way beyond much more important than two people having an altercation in this country," he added.

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