Music makes people more productive

'Moderate' background noise is better than complete silence
 Music makes people more productive

Turn on the volume while you work.

According to Mr Ravi Mehta, researcher at the University of Illinois, a ‘moderate’ amount of background noise, like music or chatter, boost productivity of people. On the other hand, complete silence does not stimulate the human brain.

In his study about the relationship between human brain’s workings and background noises, Mr Mehta has said that the idea noise level should be 70 decibels~ like that of a car driving past the listener. If there is no noise, the mind does not see any stimulation, but if the sound is too loud, it becomes distracting.

Going by the study, a dinner conversation~ which can be of 60 decibles~ is better than that of a lorry’s horn’ which is 110 decibels. A steady traffic stream, on the other hand, can be close to 85 decibels. Mr Mehta refers to his findings as the ‘Goldilocks principle’, which means, ‘middle is just right.’

It is generally thought that studying or doing any mental work requires a silent atmosphere. But Mr Mehta says that an increased distraction leads one to think out of the box. This is the result of stimulation to abstract thinking or abstract processing, a hallmark of increased creativity.

However, when the noise is beyond amicable levels, it disrupts the thought process, and people find it difficult to concentrate. According to the study, working at a moderately busy coffee shop is a better bet than sitting and working in the office and home in silence.

He says that if someone is finding it difficult to do work or think clearly, they must step out of their comfort zone and move to a relatively noisy environment.


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