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Distinguished bakeries that have evolved as trusted business brands
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Does brown bread have anything in common with cardboard? I have a slight suspicion that they both taste the same even though I have never sampled the latter. Meanwhile, ingredients of a popular Indian brown bread brand include wheat flour, whole wheat flour, yeast, sugar, salt, edible vegetable oils, preservatives, acidity regulator, improver, vitamins, emulsifier, antioxidant. The components of real bread however are flour, water, starter and salt. Everything else is merely an add-on. Though it is easy to get perfectly packaged multigrain, ‘healthy’ breads in local stores, there is no dearth of bakeries in the country, especially in Mumbai, that serve the real thing.

Delis and bakeries in Mumbai are now renowned to proffer these heavenly goodies; with most providing European & Middle Eastern breads such as Ciabatta, Focassia, Lavash and Pita – all celebrated for the unique taste, consistency and texture. Bakeries in the city now recognize the true potential of this humble food and have started to serve some of its yummiest versions. Owing to this, most of them are now earning fine fame and fortune both. We list some of these establishments in Mumbai that have grown in time to become reputed business brands becoming crowd pullers on account of their smart strategies & delectable offerings!

210°C (Churchgate): Diverse range of breads, desserts, puffs and chocolatesis what you will find at 210°C. However, it’s real USP is the fact that it is a 100% vegetarian and eggless bakery. Their effort to cater to the staunch vegetarian palette is both commendable and profitable.

CeleJor (Colaba): A bright and cherry bake shop, CaleJor is a takeaway joint. In operations since 2005, this bakery is a sister concern of Camy Wafer Co. Their bread buffet is quite vast and comprises of Grissini, Lavache, Focaccia, Whole Grain, Millet Bread and Pizza Bread. The bakery is categorized as an ideal bread shop with an array to offer. The management strives to get better in this category as this is the area where they have the potential to grow.

Gaylord (Churchgate): The award-winning Gaylord is patronized by loyals who stop by to enjoy affordable pastries, savouries and a pot of spiced Indian tea in the sunny outdoor patio. Their in-house bakery and patisserie makes fresh and delicious cheesecakes, pretzels, stuffed breads and cakes. This is one bakery loved for its innovations and has stood the test of time too.

Kyani & Co. (Fort): There’s an unmistakable old world charm to this quaint, 100 year old Irani joint. Their signature dish is the Bun-Muska (bread and butter) among other stellar breakfast and lunch items. And the place has been there forever making it almost ancient! But what’s important is that the city’s heritage is embedded deep within the walls of this anachronistic café.

Moshe (Cuffe Parade): Cheeses, desserts and oven-baked breads are all for the taking at Moshe’s. Celebrity chef Moshe Shek’s endeavor to offer the freshest produce with zero addictives is being well accepted now. The bakery is winning brownie points for this factor and is turning out to be a successful venture with new outlets opening in different points in the city.

Sassanian (Marine Lines):  Restaurants have come and gone in Dhobi Talao, but Sassanian continues to attract a select crowd, for the uniqueness of the experience. The bakery goods are the best option you have from their menu;fragrant breads and hot cross buns must never be missed here.

Wich Latte (Colaba): Consistently surprises the visitor. They are known for their inventiveness, service and a sumptuous menu! Furnished for a niche crowd, Wich Latte is fast growing as a business and gets my vote for its tasty range of breads, bagels & more.

Theobroma (Colaba Causeway): Run by a family of four, Kamal Messman tells methat she’s been in the business for over 20 years, and that daughter Kainaz has served as chef with The Oberoi. Finally, they decided to open something that provided quality food at a practical price. A range of bread stamped with a distinct flavour and richness has kept the crowd coming back for more at Theobroma which literally means “Food of the Gods”

Yazdani (Fort): A partnership between three brothers – Zend, Parvez and Rashid Irani led to the creation of this vegetarian Irani bakery. Parvez’s son Tirrandaz tells me about how his forefathers bought the place, formerly a Japanese Bank in World War 2, from Mr. Toshibi Kata.Oat n’ Raisin Cookies, Seven Grainand Oatmeal Bread, Sandwich Breadare must-haves here. Yazdani is highlyrecommendedas they bake that perfect bread that no machine can make.

Candies (Bandra): Candies is a standout by any standard. They offer a variety of breads – bread sticks, croissants, croutons, rolls and more. In less than ten years, Candies has opened two new outlets in Bandra offering the same quality of food and service.

There is a distinct flavour to freshly prepared bread, a certain spring, and a delicious satisfaction to relish it when it’s dipped in olive oil or occasionally smothered with extra cream. If you’re in Mumbai & crave for a wholesome bite, you’ll never be disappointed.

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