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Blogging can be creatively satisfying & financially rewarding too. Check out my cool list of top bloggers who are benefiting & having truckloads of fun on the digital space
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If you can look outside the social media eco-chamber, you will notice that the blogging scene across the globe is one that is creating waves fulltime and unleashing a new generation of writers (or rather publishers as Michael Stelzner rightly said at Blogworld) who have a mind of their own and are not afraid to voice it. Apart from those who are on the blogosphere for the joy of sharing stories, there are others who are combining it with big bucks. Any which ways, blogging is a fun-filled adventure (one that I’m seriously considering diving into) and this is my list of talented bloggers who stood out by keeping me glued to their blogs. No ranking, no competition, no winners – these are some of my best bloggers from different streams who shined in 2011 and are worthy of being watched out in 2012 as well. Enjoy!

Amit Agarwal’s Digital Inspiration– For Technology

Okay, for everything related or remotely related to technology, Amit Agarwal’s blog does a fantastic job. Agarwal, an Engineer in Computer Science in IIT, got into blogging as early as 2004 to become India’s first and only professional blogger. Now, Digital Inspiration is among the Top 100 Technology Blogs where the author pans out tips and tutorials on software tools, services and web based technologies. You can also find his work in leading publications such as The Financial Express, Outlook Magazine, CNN IBN and CNBC TV18.

Anil Purohit’s Windy Skies– For Travel

Windy Skies takes you on a cool trip wherever the writer goes. Essentially a travel blog, Anil enchants his reader with his thoughts and brings them to life with his words and pictures. I am particularly impressed by his choice of content as well. I mean he won’t just offer a review of a place and paste links and photos for the wow factor – he can really think out of the box. For example, check out his Books Travellers Read in Mumbai Locals, he went around in local trains noticing what people in Mumbai are reading and then presented a list of best books! Awesome, I say.

Kalyan’s Finely Chopped– For Food

The writer aptly calls himself the ‘Knife’ and ‘finely chops’ everything out there in the food world. He describes himself as “Bengali by birth, foodie by religion and gourmet by passion” I can safely say that this man really knows his meat and if you’re a lover, then his blog will not fail to please. Loaded with deliciously bright photos, his take on food, its business, cooking and eating out are neatly bundled up here. Based in Mumbai, the Knife (whose real name is Kalyan) also manages to squeeze time out to pen his food discoveries in Mumbai Coffee House.

Madhur Khandelwal and Viek Garg’s iLeher –For Marketing 2.0

Clearly, Khandewal has a passion for e-commerce and web 2.0. In his blog, which he co-founded with Vivek Garg, this focus remains on consumer Internet space in India. It is easy to tell that these guys are experts with in-depth knowledge enough to keep ardent readers hooked. You can even improve your online business with their simple, actionable guidance.

Rajesh Jain’s Emergic  - For Entrepreneurship

The founder of Emergic, Rajesh Jain writes on everything –topics on Digital India to Entrepreneurship, politics to business and future aspirations can be located here.

Sandeep Gautam’s Mouse Trap– For strange psychology and neuroscience

Gautam says he has “purportedly dedicated my blog to cognitive and developmental psychology”. I find his work on building brainpower, emotions, evolution and consciousness really fascinating. Especially take time out and read his piece on Buddha’s brain here.

Saad Akthar’s Fly, You Fools– For Mindless Rattle

Picking this one was easy. Yes, I’m hungrily addicted to pointless ramblings and find myself browsing and reading hilarious matter now and then – you know, just for laughs. And boy, there’s a lot of comic relief available on the net thanks to some amazingly funny blokes out there. And Saad Akthar is one of them. Fly, You Fools is a web comic about life, and its irritations. He is a designer from the National Institute of Design and uses real life inspiration and his witty imagination to churn out some crazy comics. Just wish he’s more active in 2012.

Besides the names above & the fact that I’m a voracious reader, there are others too who caught my attention. Not including them, when I’ve relished their work all year round, would be mockingly mean. So, here go my other favourites. Nikhil Kumar’s, the self-proclaimed ‘God’s Own Yo-yo’, view of life and way with words at Mirror Crackedhas attracted many eyeballs. You are sure to be captivated by Nikhil’s quirky humour, thoughts on love, longing, losing and Bangalore.

For some saucy inside scoop on Indian make up and beauty, Delhi-based blogger Mehak does a good job at Peaches and Blush. Readers (read beauty fanatics) can get their regular dose of knowledge at her blog which is filled with beauty product reviews, tutorials, blush guides and more. Another blog that I find myself browsing through is Gaurav Jain’s Eating Out in Bombay; he’ a vegetarian (occasionally eggetarian) and some may not find his reviews complete. Yet, he makes the blog interesting with his photos and his mastery in sampling the best at high-end joints across the city shines well. And oh, also check out the very talented Bangalore-based Lakshmi’s blog A travel blog of an Indian Backpackerand Book Reviews. She is awesome!

My list can go on and on; there are other blogs too where I sporadically drop by, but the ones above are my regular companions. Some bloggers blog to showcase their talent & expertise while others are actually making a living out of it! And then there are others who are embedding both. Regardless of reason, blogging is a great platform where bloggers build their brand, write and market their work with limitless prospects to an audience that is unfamiliar yet intimately acquainted. 2012 will only get brighter for bloggers.

Nargis Namazi

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