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BSNL launches 3G WiFi router

Can connect multiple devices to single SIM
 BSNL launches 3G WiFi router

Sate-owned telecom major Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has launched a 3G WiFi router.  The pocket router has been developed in association with Shyam Networks, which is a communications solution provider.

The router is called WinketMf50, and it can connect more than one device to a single SIM card. Along with the SIM, the router is priced at Rs 5800. Winket Mf50 is a SIM locked router, which will convert data signal connection to Wifi. Hence, it can be used to create a small Wifi hub, and can support more than five devices simultaneously, including mobile phones, laptops and computers. The upload speed can go up to 14.4 Mbps.

Also, anybody who buys the WInknet dongle is entitled to get a Rs60 data plan voucher, which enables free usage of up to 1GB.

"We have 3G network in more than 850 cities. We are pleased to announce reverse bundling of Winknet Mf50 with BSNL 3G SIMs," BSNL CMD RK Upadhyay told reporters at the launch.  Reverse bundling her is BSNl giving the SIM card to Shyam Networks, who will then fix the router with that particular SIM card.

BSNL says that the device will come handy for those professionals who are always on the move and need seamless broadband connection. Moreover, the device can be beneficial for small businesses and professionals who work in groups.

Winknet has been launched earlier in Uttar Pradesh. The 3G dongle, was launched for Rs 1,900 and also supported 2G connection. It had a download speed of 7.2 mbps and upload speed of 5.76 mbps.


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