PC will not be challenged by tablets or smartphones

Micheal Dell stated in Bangalore recently that the PC is "not under threat from tablets or smartphones"
 Micheal Dell

According to Micheal Dell, many users will keep turning to their PC’s to for enhanced internet experience. Thus, it is unlikely that the PC is ‘under a threat’ from tablets or smartphones, he said. In an event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industries in Bangalore, Dell said that tablets are being used along with smartphones. Media tablets and other such devices can never replace the PC. In fact, it has been observed that worldwide PC shipments increased in the last year by 3.6 percent compared to the previous year.

However, Dell’s revenue from laptops and tablets fell in November last year by 2% during the third quarter in comparison to the same quarter the previous year. But Dell is confident of growth in the coming years. “When users get a taste of the Internet on 3-inch- or 4-inch-screen devices, they will like to see more, rather than viewing sites through "a peephole," Dell said.”So think of these small mobile devices as creating the next wave of users who will want larger-screen devices," he added.

Dell is now shifting its focus to its “solutions and services” strategy and building hyper-virtualized data centers. For this, it will need a great amount of organic and inorganic investments. “We use inorganic investments to go faster” Dell said.

"You will see us be a serial acquirer using our strong cash flows to finance our growth and add to our development capability as we put on new teams," Dell said. This really could come to life considering that the company is on an acquisition-spree. It bought security service company SecureWorks, cloud firm Boomi, virtualized storage vendor Compellent and networking firm Force10 Networks last year. 

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